Why do I need my applicant ID?

Your applicant ID is a unique identifier that helps admissions officers find you within our system. When you log into the system, you can see your name on the upper right corner of the window. When you click on your name a small menu appears. Your applicant ID can be seen there. When you need to communicate with your admissions officer via email or phone, it is recommended that you give your full name and applicant ID (1) to make it easier to find your profile in the system. You will notice that on the left bar, there is also another ID number (2), this number corresponds to your application so do not confuse them.

Finding your applicant ID

Click on your name, you can find your applicant ID there. It is also possible to view the Terms and conditions of the institution, enter a reference code if you have been given one (e.g. a promotional or special code at a student fair) and also Sing out from the system.

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