Which consents have I given?

When you make use of the system to submit your application, you are providing data and personal documents that need to be processed, analysed and possibly shared with external institutions to verify the validity of your documents. In order for your institution to be able to process your application, you need to give them permission for this.This is where Consents come in. Consents and Terms of service allow institutions to inform you why, by whom and how your information will be used and get your permission to process your data. There are two types of Consent forms, mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory consents need to be given before proceeding with your application. Mandatory consents are usually concerned with processing your application, therefore if you don’t allow your data to be processed you cannot continue using the system. Voluntary consents, for example, could ask for your permission to use your contact details such as email to receive updates or information about the university’s activities.

So, how can you know which consents you have given? We can help.

Consents and Terms of Service while registering as an applicant.

When you register as an applicant, there are mandatory fields in the registration form that are marked with a red asterisk. Mandatory consents will be marked this way. Some institutions will provide links to their terms of service either on their main page, under More information (2) or on external websites. Make sure you follow these links to read about the terms of service. To give consent, then tick the box on the left. Voluntary consents will not have the red asterisk, so you can proceed with your application without ticking on the box.

Where can I view my consents.

Click on your name, on the upper right corner (1) and select Terms and conditions.

Your Consents

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