Submitting my application

This tutorial will show you how to fill you application form in order to submit the application

Select edit the application

From My applications menu, select the application you wish to edit. Select edit application (1).

The application form

Select each tab an fill the fields that are mandatory, optional fields can be filled if you wish to do so. Navigate through your application using the tabs (1).


Study plan

If a study plan is required, then select my study plan and select your courses. If not, then skip this step.


If you need to enter referees, then enter their full name and email. Later select Ask for a reference. An email will be sent out to your referee so they can send a reference. You can also untick referees if you wish to remove them.

Motivation letter

You may be asked for a motiviation letter. You have to enter it here if it is requiered and meet the minimum character requirement. Spaces are not counted, therefore this will not be considered for the final character count, even if they appear in the blue box on the left. Only plain text characters add up to the count.

Application submitted

Are you ready? Then click submit. If no mandatory fields are missing and taks are not pending then this message will appear.

All done! Good luck!

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