Parts of the system

In this article we provide a general overview of the system. A brief explanation of each part will be provided to guide you when navigating through the system.


  1. Find programmes allows you to browse through the course offering of the institution and select the programmes you wish yo apply to.
  2. The About us section provides information about your institution.
  3. My application allows you to view, edit and submit your application.
  4. Task menu provides you a checklist of your pending tasks and allows you to update the task status and resolve them once you have done all necessary actions to resolve the task.
  5. You can check all messages related to your application in your Inbox. These messages are also sent to the email you entered when you registered as an applicant.
  6. Finances allows you to access the invoices that have been issued by the institution, for example invoices for application fees.
  7. Calendar allows you to register to events created by your institution such as welcome week.
  8. Additional resources such as scholarship information may be listed under More information.
  9. Clicking on your name allows you to view your applicant ID (this is your unique identifier), view an overview of the Terms of service of your institution (a list of consents both mandatory and voluntary) and sign out option.


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