Is your application blocked?

If you are trying to submit your application and you get a message indicating that you must resolve a task that is blocking the submission, then you should verify the status of your tasks and resolve those that are pending (need attention) or blocking your application. Tasks in certain statuses can block your application and are set by the institution to prevent submission of applications that have not resolved the pending task. This can also apply to invoices that are past their due date, for example pending application fee. In this article, we will explain how to unblock your application and submit.

Open your application

Select My application from the left menu bar and select View my application to verify if it is blocked.

Blocked applications look like this

Go to Tasks menu and resolve your pending tasks.

If you already performed all the necessary tasks required to submit your application, then you should update the status of each task. Tasks have different statuses depending on the option you have selected:

  1. Blocks application
  2. Follow-up required
  3. Resolved

To resolve a task, click on it and update its status

In this example, the option I have NOT taken a language test will block submission of your application, therefore change the status to the correct one if you have already attached sufficient proof of your english level.

All tasks should be resolved before submission.

Make sure you have no pending invoices that could block submission

Go back and edit your application

When you have checked all the previous steps, go back to your application and select Edit application. If you are ready to submit, then select Submit, if not then you may continue editing and submit when you are ready.

Once you submit, your application will be unblocked and its status will change.

All done!

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