How to find programmes

When you enter the application portal, you may browse through the programmes without logging into the sytem. You can do so from the main page by clickin on the Find programmes button on the left menu bar, you can select the browse button on the main screen or enter the programme the name of the programme on the search bar if its available on the main page. Active programmes are those that are accepting applications and they will be shown in solid colors, as opposed to greyed out buttons for inactive intakes. Alternatively, you may also log into your account a find programmes in the same way. Once you are logged in, these programmes may be added to your application and prioritized as you wish (this will depend on how many programmes are allowed per application by your institution).

Browse without logging in

Browse once you are logged in

Active application button

1. Active application button means application to that programme is open

2. Greyed out button means the intake period for that programme is not open yet.

Need to add more programmes to your application?

Select My application from the left menu bar. Then click on edit application.

Add more choices to your application

Click on add more choices to add the desired programmes. Remember to save once you are done.

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