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If your Institution of choice uses the DreamApply system to manage their applications and admissions process, then these series of tutorials will be helpful in guiding you through the use of the system. Please kindly note DreamApply is not a university or an advisor nor do we provide support related to your application. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact your university’s admissions department. This article provides a brief overview of the main page of the system. Check out these links for more guidance:

  1. Become an applicant
  2. How to sign in
  3. How to find programmes
  4. Parts of the system
  5. Submitting my application
  6. Blocked applications
  7. Resolving tasks
  8. Why do I need my Applicant ID?
  9. View your offers
  10. Which Consents have I given?

For application-related questions, contact your admissions department. Best of luck!

First glance

When you first enter the application portal, the main page will look very similar to the page you see below.

Follow the numbers to get an explanation for each section of the main page. You will see the following options:

(1) Clicking on Find programmes will direct you to the browse page, where you can have a look at the programmes offered by the Institution.

(2) Do you want to learn more about the Institution? Then click on About Us.

(3) Need More information? This section usually contains links to scholarship information, contact details about the Institution and Terms of Service you need to read and accept.

(4) Select your Region or Nationality.

(5) Select a language. The institution may have information available in many languages, you will find those available at the top of the page. Click on your preferred language to select it.

(6) Ready to become an applicant? Click on Become an applicant, to Sign up.

(7) Click on Sign in if you have already registered and would like to view or edit your application.

(8) Some Institutions may have a search bar or a browse button, by clicking on Browse or entering the name of the programme you would like to study, you will obtain a list of available programmes or your search results. Information about the programme, requirements and additional details will be available there.

(9) Featured programmes will be available in this section, you can click on them to learn more.

(10) Check out this section to find out about news and events posted by your Institution.

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