Become an applicant

Ready to become an applicant?

Once you have found the programmes you would like to apply to, you can start your application process. There are two ways to register, the first is to click on Become an applicant (1) and you will be directed to the Sign up page. Alternatively, you can browse the available programmes; those whose intake period is open will have an active Apply now button, by clicking on it a window will allow you to either sign in or register.

Fill in the registration form

When you fill in the registration form, you have mandatory fields and optional fields. Mandatory fields will have a red asterisc next to the name of the field.

If you have several email accounts, we recommend using an account you check regularly and whose password you can remember. Reminders, notifications and your access code will be sent this email address so make sure you this is an email account you use regularly and remember which account you used to sign up. In case you forget your code and need a new one the link to revoke the previous code and obtain the new one will also be sent to the email you use to sign up, so again take note.

Once you are done, click on Sign up and continue.

Getting your code

You will get an applicant access code. This code is your key to enter the system, so take a note and keed it safe. An email will also be sent with the access code, keep this email in case you forget your code.

If you are ready, click on Continue to sign in.

All done! You are ready to start your application. Best of luck!

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