Which consents have I given?

When you make use of the system to submit your application, you are providing data and personal documents that need to be processed, analysed and possibly shared with external institutions to verify the validity of your documents. In order for your institution to be able to process your application, you […]

Become an applicant

Ready to become an applicant? Once you have found the programmes you would like to apply to, you can start your application process. There are two ways to register, the first is to click on Become an applicant (1) and you will be directed to the Sign up page. Alternatively, […]

Why do I need my applicant ID?

Your applicant ID is a unique identifier that helps admissions officers find you within our system. When you log into the system, you can see your name on the upper right corner of the window. When you click on your name a small menu appears. Your applicant ID can be […]

How to find programmes

When you enter the application portal, you may browse through the programmes without logging into the sytem. You can do so from the main page by clickin on the Find programmes button on the left menu bar, you can select the browse button on the main screen or enter the […]

Is your application blocked?

If you are trying to submit your application and you get a message indicating that you must resolve a task that is blocking the submission, then you should verify the status of your tasks and resolve those that are pending (need attention) or blocking your application. Tasks in certain statuses […]

Resolving tasks

When you prepare your application, there are certain tasks that need to be performed before the application can be submitted. For this, the system provides a checklist of these tasks. Once you resolve a task, make sure to update their status from the Tasks menu.

View your offers

When you receive and offer or feedback, you will get a message (1), (2). If your application is succesful and an offer has been made, you have to decide whether you accept or decline the offer (3). This tutorial will show you how.

Getting started

If your Institution of choice uses the DreamApply system to manage their applications and admissions process, then these series of tutorials will be helpful in guiding you through the use of the system. Please kindly note DreamApply is not a university or an advisor nor do we provide support related […]